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When making a purchase on our Site, the goods will be delivered using one of the following methods:

- Standard delivery via postal service.

The delivery will be made as promptly as reasonably possible, depending on the chosen delivery method.

Please note that delivery times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Weekends and statutory holidays are not included in the delivery timeframe.

It is the buyer's responsibility to provide us wplete and accurate delivery address, including the recipient's name. We cannot be held liable for the delivery of goods to an incorrect address or individual due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the buyer.

Free deliveries are available to Mainland UK and mainland Scotland only. Deliveries to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and the Shetlands may incur additional charges. All delivpossible, an extra charge will be applied for a dedicated vehicle.

Parking must be provided and paid for if metered when receiving the delivery. In case parking is unavailable, the option of parking in a restricted area may be provided. If this option is chosen and a penalty ticket is issued, the customer will be responsible for the associated cost. If no parking is available, the driver may need to reschedule the delivery for another day, incurring an additional charge.

Please be aware that all risk associated with tyer upon delivery to the specified delivery address. From that point forward, including during any subsequent transit, the buyer assumes responsibility for the goods and any additional costs related to them, including transit, import duties, local taxes, and insurance expenses. If the buyer arranges for collection and onward delivery of goods with a third-party carrier, a direct contract will be formed between the buyer and the carrier.

For Made to Order goods, delivery to the specified address typically takes place between 12 to 30 weeks after the order and payment are received. Standard Goods are usually delivered to the specified address within five working days after the order and payment are received. Delays beyond these timeframes may occur, and Casa Design cannot be held responsible for any resulting financial or non-financial penalties.

If the buyer arranges for collection and onward delivery of goods with a third-party carrier, the timing of such onward delivery will vary and is undertaken at the buyer's own risk.

While we will make every reasonable effort to adhere to agreed-upon delivery dates to the specified address and collection dates by the buyer or third-party carrier, strict adherence to such dates is not guaranteed. In the event that we are unable to meet an agreed date, we will notify the buyer to arrange an alternative date. Please note that we will not be liable for any lo

The title to the goods will only transfer to the buyer upon full payment of the price and delivery of the goods to the specified delivery address. The risk associated with the goods transfers to the buyer upon delivery to the specified address.

Upon collection or receipt of goods from a third-party carrier, it is the buyer's responsibility to carefully examine the packaging and goods for any damage. If any damage is observed, such as torn or squashed packaging, the buyer musvia email at on the same day of collection or receipt. Furthermore, if the buyer sighat appears damaged in any way, they must sign and write "Received Damaged." Any damaged goods must be reported to us on the day of delivery; otherwise, it will be assumed that the goods arrived.

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